Real Life Stories

1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her? The staff of Conant Elementary School collaborated on this nomination, for Carolyn Wheeler has continuously and faithfully assisted, mentored, impacted on, trained, and served every one of us and our students during the 16 years she has been our knowledgeable librarian, trustworthy colleague, frequent savior, and steadfast friend. READ MORE
1. Please tell us in 2-3 sentences why your nominee should win this award.  What    sets him/her apart? READ MORE
The Bookmobile made me do it! It would visit my school weekly, and also park at the housing development across from my childhood home. Although I visited a brick and mortar library, the bookmobile was essential to my reading well-being. So I would read, and read and read. I would curl up in the rocking chair with my books - from Madeline to Little Women, and bury myself in the story. I barely came up for air. READ MORE
As soon as I came home from the hospital with my daughter I  began reading to her, as well as going to the library for    childrens reading groups for the added excitement. She also grew    up seeing me read on a daily basis. I was hoping that this would    spark that love of reading, the thirst for knowledge. The ability    to go any place in the world,any place in time, and experience    life diffrently in your mind. READ MORE
My daughter can read to dogs! READ MORE
My librarian is more than a typical librarian. She is a mother away from home because she doesn’t only give me advice on books but life as well. READ MORE
I really like our neighborhood library.   It was closed for some time and rebuilt from the ground up in 2005.  Later when I learned a preschool was being built across the street, I wanted my daughter to go there no matter what, because it was directly across from the library!  It was perfect for us when I would pick her up after school to walk over and check out some books and spend some time.  There's children's reading time in the late afternoons as well as arts, crafts and entertainment which she loves. READ MORE
I developed a life-long love of reading and libraries when I went to the public library in my grandmother's hometown and participated in summer reading programs as a child. I like libraries and books so much that I have spent 24 years as a school librarian! READ MORE
My first experince was with my mom at the local library. She took me to read a book about my favorite characters, but i can't remember it. It was a good experience. But the economy was bad at the time so we couldn't check out as many books and bring them to the house, so i didn't get to read all the series. But it was still fun! READ MORE
The first time I got interested in  my school libary was when I was in the 3rd grade. I got the book called So BE It . It was one of the best books I read. Ever since that I have loved the library at my school.!!! READ MORE