Real Life Stories

When I first started kindergarten I went to my school library and i did not know what book to get so I went up to the librarian and asked if she could help me and she did. I found a book that is very popular in kindergarten at my school. And I was the only one that got it. READ MORE
My father enjoyed reading.  My brothers did not.  Going to the library with my father provided me with an opportunity to spend some alone time with him.  This is where my appreciation of books began. READ MORE
I remember the first time my son read a book. "Baby in the Box" by Frank Asch, I think it was. We were sitting on a sofa that just happened to be across from the children's librarians desk. She looked up and saw what was happening and I think she was almost as excited as we were. After he was all finished, she came over gave him a big sticker and then led him to the front desk and told him that now he needed a library card of his own. Another librarian made the card and it was presented to my son in such a way as he felt a real sense of accomplishment. What a day! READ MORE
My NOPL at Brewerton Library had a magic show, halloween event, and book sale. It is on Oneida Lake and has a featured history section on the local area. The best thing that a library can do is be local--reach out to the people who live nearby to help them live better and understand their area. By having books on Oneida lake, stories of Brewerton, and lake guides (my favorite is the ghosts of Onieda Lake region!) people can open up a treasure chest of what their town holds. READ MORE
Our family visits Koelbel Library almost every day!  It is the most wonderful, friendly library.  When my kids were 4 years old, we were picked to fill the "children's display case" with our frog collection.  That was something my family will never forget and we were so proud to do.  We try to utilize every aspect of the library and will continue doing so throughout our lives.  Thanks Koelbel! READ MORE
1. How long have you known the nominee and how did you come to know him or her? I first came to know Ms. Alice K. Juda, reference librarian at the Eccles Memorial Library of the U.S. Naval War College (NWC) in Newport, Rhode Island, when I attended the new students' library services orientation in late fall, 2007.  I've enjoyed knowing her, now, for two years.     READ MORE
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* Obviously, you may use reaction rules to react upon any event with custom conditions and actions. * Allows functionality to be re-used via components (Drupal 6: Rule sets only). * Flexible scheduling system that allows scheduling any component / action. * Users can share their customizations by using the built-in import/export feature. For that the module also integrates with Features. * Modular input evaluation system - for example you can install the Token module and use it in every action. READ MORE