Real Life Stories

As is so often the case with genius, many of Kelley McDaniel’s ideas and innovations seem so obvious once they are put into action. Visitors to King Middle react by asking “Why doesn’t everyone do things this way?” I sometimes ask myself “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The answer to both questions is that the rest of us are not Kelley McDaniel. Kelley is the most committed, able and innovative school librarian that I have ever been around. READ MORE
:10 Hello, I’m Neil Gaiman. Libraries fuel opportunity. They are part of the American Dream, places for education and self-help. Get involved - Visit your library. :15 Hello, I’m Neil Gaiman author of “The Grave Yard Book.” Libraries help to level the playing field and make information affordable, available and accessible to all people. Get involved - Visit your library. :30 READ MORE
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The chance to visit the frozen tundra of Alaska, a trip across the Yucatan peninsula, a cruise to the Bahamas, or even a romantic excursion through Paris are only a few of the exotic destinations available to me for free at my local library.  For this reason I have always considered the library an integral part of any community.  It is so important that we are introduced to and learn an appreciation for our school and public libraries as early as possible. READ MORE
The library is a magical place for me.  The library is my sanctuary.  It’s a place where I can escape into a different world of my choosing; all determined by what particular title I select from the shelves. READ MORE
Settling in Spartanburg in late 1999, we began to construct a home.  It was our first, so research was needed.  It was off to the library to learn everything about building a house. There were so many ideas and legal issues that were brought to my attention.  The library has taught me how to build. I have learned about the type and care of trees that surround  and will protect the house. A frog pond is being studied and constructed at this time from info from the library. READ MORE
I lived in a small town of fewer than 5,000 people and the lack of drama or excitement in my life had me yearning for some kind of outlet.   As I pedaled my banana seat bike down the streets of my small town, I would imagine what book I would check out and which place would it take me today.   To the watery streets of Venice or the hot beaches in California where everyday looked like an episode of the 70's T.V. READ MORE
The library has always been a part of my life since I was growing up.  It has played an important  role in shaping my life.   READ MORE
Book smart girls from midwestern railroad towns seldom venture beyond the rusty tracks. But transcendence of an intellectual and artistic nature can occur. Most significant among those influences which can afford this transcendence is access to a public library. The powerful effect the institution ultimately had on me was to give me the opportunity to encounter access to the works of philosophers, playwrights and literary artists.  In the words of one of the finest American poets, Robert Frost, in reference to choosing paths, “It has made all the difference.” READ MORE
"Back in the Day" (as my kids would say), when my best girlfriend and I were about ten or so, during the summers, we would walk down to the local public library a few times a week.  We both joined a summer reading club...I think it was called, "Reading for Fun" or something like that.  For each book you read, you'd get a gold star sticker on a card. READ MORE