Real Life Stories

The library has always been a comfortable place for me to go when I needed information.  But it became more than that after the birth of my first child, a daughter.  I felt she needed exposure to other children her age to promote her socialization skills, so we started to go to the children's reading time at our local library.  READ MORE
NEVER ALONE In Great Expectations, Charles Dickens has his character Pip speak, “…I struggled through the alphabet as if it had been a bramble-bush; getting considerably worried and scratched by every letter.”  Such was not my experience. READ MORE
Prior to today I would have not thought about the library having that much impact on my life.  Your question made me think about just what the library has provided for me in the past, and I must admit it has been a significant contribution.  Having visited the library today for how to play guitar books and tapes for my youngest daughter I have to wonder if this will have an impact on her musical career.  Even if she never opens the book which she specifically asked me to check out for her, guess what, it didn't cost me a cent. READ MORE
When the doors of my life appeared to close through the divorce of my parents, the doors to the library opened.  The books I discovered began teaching me about a whole new world; a world of hope and inspiration.  As a little girl, I'd escape by reading books; they took me on adventures and to new places!   The books would pile up in my arms as I'd check out as many books as possible. READ MORE
I grew up with a single mom who had very limited resources.  It was hard for her to make ends meet and we often struggled to pay the bills.  However, as a child I wasn’t aware of the struggles the world laid before my mom.  She did a wonderful job disguising the hardships we faced and finding alternatives to her many woes. READ MORE
As a teenager I went  to socialize, but what started out as an acceptable excuse to leave the  house on a weeknight, turned into a life-long passion for unearthing jewels  of the library.  Waiting for  friends, I picked up a book, and quite by accident, got sucked into its lair.  Obsession for books grew over time, while each week I would arrive earlier and  earlier to mine new treasures, before my friends came. READ MORE
I was just explaining to my husband the other day the happiness that I felt when I go to the library. For some reason he decided he would go with my son and I. He had not been in a library since he had been in school. The funny thing was he had told my son we could only stay 30 minutes because he had things to get done that evening. READ MORE
I would argue that not only are libraries magical places, but that librarianship is transformative - with a reach that  exceeds the physical walls of a library. In 1995, I was diagnosed with a chronic physical illness. At the time, it was unclear how sick I would become.  For weeks I was too symptomatic to go to work, so I lied about and pondered my life. READ MORE
The library has changed my life in the following ways:  1) It has broaden my horizons and increased my learning.  2) It has given my children a love for books and learning. I have always been an avid reader since a small child.  I felt it necessary wherever I have lived to always have a library card.  I felt it was more important than a credit card or any other card.  I have had 4 different cards from two states and four different counties.  READ MORE
In December of 1960 I came to this country as an 11 year old.  I was anavid reader in Cuba, reading up to one book per day.  Since I did not speak English and there were no books available in Spanish, at that time, I was hungry for the stories that had fueled my vivid imagination. READ MORE