Real Life Stories

One of the most popular programs chosen by female high school seniors  in 1968 was the 'home economics special' program, for seniors who planned on marrying right after high school.  The focus of the program was on cooking, homemaking, and raising a family.  This was also the focus of many of my classmates that year.   Since 'Donna Reed'  was  a top weekly television show,  this goal for the future was quite acceptable.    Donna Reed was the wife of a pediatrician, and a stay at home mom.   Women in my generation did not often READ MORE
Books and libraries have always been a part of my life.  It is part of the fabric of who I am.  There is hardly a week that goes by that I don’t make a visit to a library.  And for those who think they are to busy to read – I work full time as a college professor, have a nine year old son, and am completing my PhD. READ MORE
I have always been something of a bookworm. I've always had my nose in a book since my elementary school days. I like fiction and non-fiction alike, but my favorite books have always been biography and memoirs. The library has always provided me with books when I could not afford to buy them. I was a library page as a child and I loved putting books away, checking them out to patrons and keeping the card catalogue straight. READ MORE
When I was about six I discovered the fun and excitement of reading.  I devoured the books in the school library and jumped with joy at the prospects of having the Library Bus come right into my neighborhood in the summertime. READ MORE
Oh my gosh ... it has changed my life so much and this is within a span of a year. READ MORE
The library has always been important to me. I can remember the short trips that I took inside James Otis School; as our teacher led us to a school library. My first stop was always the librarian’s desk, asking her for a “new” bookmark for books. The choices were sometimes very good; she gladly gave away bookmarks. Then I would run to see the books, within my reach. I was in awe of the wonderfully stocked bookshelves of this tiny looking room. I enjoyed looking at all the pictures on the cover and the inside of the books, they were colorful and cheerful. READ MORE
The library changed the way I viewed the world in my adolescent mind. As a young girl I was not interested in reading, my mother had the idea that the library was a good way for us to pass the summer. She decided that my brother, sister and I would make weekly trips to the library each chosing two books. This idea was not greeted with much enthusiasm. All it took was that first trip or two and I was hooked on books! READ MORE
Living the Examined (Good) Life at the Library - After living in the same house for 23 years, our family moved 4 miles south down the highway, 4 miles away from our grocery store, gas station and other conveniences, but we were moving that much closer to the new county library. And I couldn’t have been happier. READ MORE
Routine. Patience.  Kindness.  Joy.  Trust.  My public library has taught me the true meaning of these words.  You see, my 9-year-old son, Casey, who was born with Down syndrome, decided this was the year to discover the Des Plaines Public Library.  Along the way, we discovered that learning doesn't have to be slow.  It can be a case of speed reading measured in people's response to the two of us visiting the library every day after Casey gets home from school.   READ MORE
I’ve been a book-aholic since birth, I believe, and I’ve managed to make my passion into my life’s work, as well.  But first, please allow me to reminisce about growing up with books.  As a kid, my mom would read to me all the time.  At three years old I’d sit in the beauty parlor while my mom had her weekly hair appointments, and I’d read my books out loud—or all the ladies thought I was reading, because I had all the stories memorized.  The library was, and is, one of my favorite places to be.  I’d check out stacks and sta READ MORE