Real Life Stories

I have always loved the library. When I was in school and it was library day, it was like going to a circus, or any fun event that was full of adventure. When I got older I loved reading, it was amazing how entertaining a book could be. It can take you on an adventure you would never or could never experience in the real world. I was often selected to read to my younger cousins because I think I might have read the story as if I was really there. READ MORE
As I look back on my life, the library surfaces to the top of my thoughts during four phases. My first memories are that of my childhood, and both the school library and the community library played roles in shaping my learning  READ MORE
As a new graduate student at Central Washington University in 1986, I was expected to spend every spare moment of my life in the huge and intimidating library researching never ending topics that my professors never tired of assigning. The sad truth is that prior to grad school, I had spent less than ten hours of my life in the reference section of any library. READ MORE
My first encounter with the public library system was nearly thirty years ago.  It was in the second grade and I had just emigrated from India.  Fortunately, all of my education had been in English.  As a foreigner, I was floundering and thirsty to gain knowledge about the customs, geography, history…basically, just everything about my new home.  READ MORE
I am a 54-year-old single mother.  I spent ten years attending college,first at the University of Akron, and then Kent State University, and I graduated from KSU in Spring of 2004.  I got a late start at school, because I did not begin until I had nearly raised my five children, because I was raising them alone and could not leave them alone.  My youngest daughter,  Lisa, was in elementary school when I started going to school, and she is graduating Summa Cum Laude this year with a degree in education. READ MORE
I can remember as a child, and then as an adult, that my mother always carried a book with her.  In the car, in her purse, at her side, always, a book.  That book was always from the library.  Summers were carefree play time, swimming, games, friends but always in the afternoon there was reading time.  Just time to sit, be calm, and indulge in the friends you found in a book. READ MORE
After the birth of my third child in  four years, I caught myself one day singing a Barney song in the  shower. It was the one about the farmer growing oats, peas, and beans. Maybe you  can sing it, too. I am a college graduate with several teaching certifications,  with no grudge or ill feelings toward Barney. But it occurred  to me that my decision to stay home with my kids while they were small  had its price. READ MORE
I never thought I could fill rich, being able to go online for free and  even getting help to learn how to get online and my own free email address, the library also has a wonderful toddler reading class one day a week so I can sit back and watch the baby meet friends and relax. It has shown me how being poor  does not have to stop you from getting whatever you want in life, READ MORE
In 1997 at the age of 41, due to one of life's quirky changes, my library became one of the most important sources of entertainment and knowledge in my life. That was the year I became totally disabled due to Crohn's Disease, an autoimmune disorder that makes you feel like you have the "flu" all the time with abdominal pain, nausea, vomitting, weight loss, loss of appetite, diarrhea and bowel obstructions along with lots of other not-very-fun symptoms. I had to quit a job that I loved as a Triage Nurse and change my life completely. READ MORE
Going to the library is one of my most vivid childhood memories.  I lived in a very small town in eastern North Dakota.  During the summer months, our town library was open on Wednesday evenings only.  My best friends, Nancy and Julie, and I would hop on our bikes after dinner, and pedal the six blocks to the local high school where the library was located.  In my little white bicycle basket, I carried books that I needed to return to the library.  READ MORE