Real Life Stories

Even though the small, red brick building sat just 2 miles from my parents’ home, it had been 15 years since I visited the Fairfield County Library.  After college, marriage, pregnancy, and the dominance of the Internet, I no longer make the trip to the library. Any research materials and magazines that I sought, it seemed, were either at the tips of my fingers on the Internet or already in my mailbox.  A recent business trip, however, landed me right back in the small-town library that I had forgotten about. READ MORE
I cannot begin to tell how the library has changed my life.  From the  time I checked out my first Curious George book as a child, I knew my life would  be forever changed.  The library was not just a big quiet building filled  with books, but a wealth of adventure, knowledge, mystery, excitement &  intrique.  I remember when I graduated from Curious George to "The Secret  Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnett and in my teen years reading books about  far away places, the angst all adolescents suffer, and steamy romance novels  th READ MORE
A sanctuary…a workplace…a safe, quiet, comforting,nurturing environment…a place to teach and learn and beresponsible. Libraries have always been a part of mylife. Library rules have always appealed to me: berespectful of others who are reading and speak quietly,borrow books that you think you’ll love and then bringthem back so others can love them too, and take care ofthese books by enjoying food and drinks anywhere but inthis library. When I was very small, my mother allowedme to choose my own picture books to borrow and takecare of. READ MORE
I don't  have a library romance, or even a hilarious library story to tell, but I do know the quietness of a new town, a new home, and the noise level of a three year old and a baby who haven't been out anywhere besides the grocery store all week!  So our story begins with how the library helped to us adapt to a new place. READ MORE
I have always loved reading and going to the library. But a wonderful thing  happened in my life when I signed up for my first computer class there.As a  senior citizen, I did not grow up with computers. I so envied the people who  could use them with ease. "How do they do that?" I wondered. For several years READ MORE
Yes, that's me—my face, anyway—poking through the mural at the Sierra MadreLibrary, August 1970, a white cartoon spaceman reclining in zero gravity with the moon and stars in the background and a bright red book in my painted hands. Though my knees are on the cork tile of the library floor, my feet are well above the ground, blasting off into space with the same glee I would experience when, thirty-three Augusts later, I would sell my first novel. READ MORE
WOW! You mean all that stuff is here – at the library?!? READ MORE
I am recent Hurricane Katrina survivor now living in Tucson,Az.The library here has helped me communicate with getting my life together.I am displaced  writer/poet from New Orleans.I was rescued from the storm and put on a flight to this community Sept.9,2005.The library here is in the downtown area and was within walking distance of the shelter provided by this city.The people would go  out of their way in the library to give me resources and help.The city is full  of caring people andthey helped me with the things I needed.The library has lots  of computers and helped READ MORE
At Penn State the libraries were wonderful.  Every discipline had its own building on the main campus, and you could wander through the stacks for years and never come out.  Over the years, the libraries in New York and Oregon, California and Louisiana, Arizona and Arkansas, have been my havens, my advisors, my friends in time of need. READ MORE
Kristy dragged me towards the old building, the big wooden doors splayed open in the late afternoon sunshine. Her straw colored pigtails bounced off her shoulders as she practically bounded into the Ridgefield Park Library. READ MORE