Real Life Stories

Life and the Library- When our oldest child (now 23) was a baby, I began taking him to ourlocal library and choosing read-aloud picture books that I thought we would both enjoy.  When we got home from the library, we would immediately sit together on the couch and read, sometimes until we had read every book we had just brought home!  He had an amazing attention span!  READ MORE
The headline read:  “Local Woman Receives Free Education Valued at $50,000.00!”  At least, that’s how the headline would read if someone asked me to write an article about how the library has affected my life. READ MORE
How Has the Library Changed My Life?;  Reading, Writing, and Reinventing MyselfI have a confession. I'm one of those mothers who took her kids to the library just to get out of the house. READ MORE
I am not sure what I did with my time and money before I became a regular at my hometown library. My library card is free but the services my library offer are priceless!!!!   Here are a few items I get weekly at my library and an estimate of how much money I am saving each week:   Two movies a week  - $7.00 rent, $20 family going to movies Books on Cassette * 1 a week at about $30 each One Book a Week for me - $30 if bought One Book for Child a week - $10 if bought Recipes/Menu Planning * priceless READ MORE
Was my husband having an affair with a librarian?  This thought crossed my mind when previous rare visits to our public library became nightly happenings.  Who or what was so alluring?   He admitted that there was an attraction, but, he added, although the librarians were pleasant and helpful, it was the library itself that he found so appealing.  My husband discovered that our library has services that enhance his life.  He learned what I already knew: patronizing the library is a good thing. READ MORE
As a youngster in the l950's, I was living with depression era parents. We weren't allowed to buy anything that wasn't a was a carry over from them feeling the pinch and not wanting to spend money on anything that we didn't absolutely HAVE to have.  That included books.  However, even as a five-year-old, I craved books.  When my kindergarten teacher would read a book I wanted to touch the pages and feel the words so I could savor them.  I was fascinated by the illustrations and wanted to linger on each one as she turned the pages. READ MORE
The public library was instrumental in my success as a small business owner.  In 1995, I founded ALMEC International, a company specializing in management and employee development strategies that enable people to reach organizational and individual performance goals.  Coming from an 18-year corporate background, I had no experience at running a small business nor did I immediately have any role models to pattern myself after.  Although there were times I wondered if I would be able to survive financially, I continued to move forward.  The public library was my saving gra READ MORE
Over the course of my lifetime the library has been refuge, magic carpet, and sanctuary. READ MORE
Libraries have been one of the few constants in my short but turbulent life. I have always sought refuge within their brown brick walls, amidst dusty volumes filled with folklore and magazine articles chronicling the latest in revelations in science and social reform. I have no doubt that without my local libraries, I would have given up long ago my hopes of getting an education so I could make a difference in the world. READ MORE
I grew up in rural Minnesota in the 1950s*before books were abundantly available as they are today. By the summer of 1960, I had read all of my mother*s books and everything in our small school library. I was a ten-year-old bookworm facing the prospect of summer with nothing new to read.   My schoolteacher mother heard that the St. Paul State Library had a free mail-order system for sending books to people who lived outside the metropolitan area. We first tried it out that summer.   READ MORE