Real Life Stories

Both my brother and I were born in Michigan but grew up in Kansas as adopted children.  Prior to the adoption, our mother taught school in a one room schoolhouse and knew the value of reading.  As youngsters in the 50's, it was a treat to go on weekly trips to the library and check out books for Mom to read to us.  My love for books continues.  I am now finishing a memoir of my journeys. READ MORE
I can't imagine what my life would be and what I would be doing today if there wasn't a public library. When I came to the United States in 1991 at the age of 27, I couldn't understand and speak much English. As a German speaking Chinese native, I felt totally lost in this new world. I didn't know what to do with my life at that time. READ MORE
My local library brought hope and change to my life. In order to share the magic of “How the Library Changed My Life” I must start at thebeginning….. READ MORE
On February 1, 2006, I suddenly became one of the unemployed.  I went through terrible feelings of low self-esteem and worthlessness, realized I had never written a resume or cover letter, and had no computer.  I felt lost.  READ MORE
A couple summers back, I wondered how I’d make it through the next two and a half months. At the time my children were ages four, six and seven, and not the types to willingly attend summer camp. In truth we didn’t have the money for camps anyway. I wanted the children to enjoy their time off, but as I looked around the neighborhood for potential playmates, I realized my kids were the only ones not involved in some type of structured activity. A silence had descended on the neighborhood that alerted me to the fact that no one was around. READ MORE
There was only one reason that I went to the Sparta Library for the first time. It was a last resort. I had my year and a half old daughter with me.  I couldn’t bear to go back to the hotel and stare at the beige walls and Fifty’s furniture. My other option was the A&P but their air conditioner was permanently set on “frigid”. Shopping there could have qualified me for the town team’s Sprint and Hurdle finals. READ MORE
When our family moved to Colorado, one of my top priorities was finding the library.  We started attending story time right away, and it wasn’t long before we made lots of new friends.  From these new friends, we learned about swimming lessons and the local recreation center.  My daughters were thrilled to discover the summer reading program where they earned prizes each week for reading books.  They developed a deep love for books and reading! READ MORE
The library has been for me a refuge, a resource, an adventure… and a great equalizer. It was one place I never felt poor or powerless. The first library I knew was a bookmobile. It would arrive one day each week about a half-mile from our house in the parking lot of A.J. Bayless grocery store in south Tucson, Arizona. It was a big bus outfitted with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and a desk at the front for checkout. For a kid who was always on the lookout for freebies, this was the jackpot. READ MORE
My husband Anthony and I have always been avid library goers.  In the frugal first years of our marriage, we didn’t buy books or rent videos, we borrowed them from the library.  As an English teacher, I had a voraciousappetite for books and was rarely happier than when I’d leave the library balancing a tall stack of books under my chin.Fast forward five years ahead.  Anthony and I found ourselves in the frugal forum again having just bought our first home and, months later, had our daughter Charlotte.  I couldn’t imagine being luckier or happier. READ MORE
In March 1962 I met my Fairy Godmother at the Taunton Public Library.  It was a chance meeting, after all, I was only 6 weeks old, but on that cold March day, my mother carrying me and a bagful of books stepped into a world that changed my life.              READ MORE