Real Life Stories

Speaking English is so important. There is a library not far from my home, and they have English classes there. I decided to participate, because not knowing the language has been a source of so many misunderstandings. I was simply afraid of social contacts. Even going to that library, asking about their classes, and taking the test was a problem: my heart pounded, my knees were shaky. Then the classes started. READ MORE
Growing up poor in a drug infested area on the Southside of Chicago; I learned early that life was not easy. In high school I studied hard with hopes of going to college and having a better life. Things were going well until just before graduation I got pregnant. I began working as a waitress and still tried to go to college, but after paying for daycare, food and a place to live, there was very little money left to do anything. Shortly afterwards, I met a guy who was a real charmer. READ MORE
ONE FOR THE BOOKS! - Was my husband having an affair with a librarian?  This thought crossed my mind when previous rare visits to our public library became nightly happenings.  Who or what was so alluring?   He admitted that there was an attraction, but, he added, although the librarians were pleasant and helpful, it was the library itself that he found so appealing.  My husband discovered that our library has services that enhance his life.  He learned what I already knew: patronizing the library is a good thing. READ MORE
As I walked home from Saint Clement’s Elementary School, up the one way street, lined on both sides with row houses, my neighbor intercepted me. “You better not go home right now, They’re at it again.”  “They” were my parents, and “at it again” meant they were fighting. READ MORE
Yesterday,in the H.E.B. grocery store, I reached for a can of cannellini beans. It's the first time they ever appeared on my grocery list, but I'm changing my eating habits so I can be healthier. And, thanks to my library, changing my dietary habits is easier. READ MORE
Many people remark that libraries open their minds to a world of possibilities. For me, libraries have done even more. If it were not for Conwell Library at Temple University in Philadelphia in 1947, I would not have met my husband. We will mark our 58th anniversary March 13. So, entering the library that magical day, truly transformed my life. READ MORE