Rita from Florida

We go to the library every Saturday like clockwork.  We usually wind up spending a couple of hours there and find a lot of things to talk about afterward.  Saturday night is family movie night so we will usually pick up a DVD to watch that night as well.

We get everything the library has to offer. Currently, I have DVDs, music CDs, books and magazines checked out from our library. My son likes the teen section, which includes graphic novels and the fact that he can now get video games. My daughter enjoys the volunteers and helps them from time to time. She also likes that I don't limit the number of books that she can check out like I do when we are at the book store.

The library has always been a "community center" where families can go to feel the pulse of the community, find out activities that are going on and serve as learning centers for the children, AND the adults. It’s a social hub.