Robyn and Chad K. from Illinois

Our family loves our library!  We are fortunate to have a fantastic library in our town.  When our daughter Shaylee was 3 months old, we took her to the library.  They had a program where they gave you a free tote bag and children's book after you had a baby. The age-appropriate book they gave us had pictures of baby faces that Shaylee adored.  We read the words to her, and as she got older, she would read that same book to us.  The childrens' department has books for infants up to young adult readers, so there were always plenty of choices as she children grew.  We signed Shaylee up for storytime classes at the library when she was 6 months old.  They read books to the children, sing songs, do finger plays and have play time with peers at the end of class. 

When Shaylee was five, she was very excited to get her own library card! She really has learned to love reading and books as a result of our time at these classes.  Chad, my husband, and I met other parents through these classes, as well.  When our son Brody was born, we signed him up for storytime classes, too.  We feel so lucky to have this resource available for our kids. 

The library staff is fantastic, and we have a wonderful relationship with them.  They are very helpful whenever we have questions about books, movies or other materials.  I often joke with them and say that they raised my children.  We feel like the library is our home away from home.  The kids love to sit in the childrens' department and read, color, do puzzles or play on the computers.  The library and the people who work there are the best thing about living in our town.  As a result of spending quality family time at the library, our children love to read.  As a teacher, I know that having books at home and reading with them is the best thing you can do as a parent to foster a love of learning. Our library is a great way to keep our children fascinated with learning!