Sandra from Port Chester, New York

I never thought that at the age of 63, I would be looking for a job and an inspiring one at that.  Life for me had taken some funny twists and turns, and it seems that I had worked for many years in various jobs that I disliked.   It got to the point that I did not wish to work at all, and even hated the very idea of an office or anything to do with work. And then hard economic times set in, and I had to return to work.  But what kind of job could I find at my age, even with a college degree and a top education in graduate school?  So I set off to investigate what was out there for me, and in so doing I found myself in the front of the neighborhood library.  Here was a place I could hope to find answers to my problem, or at least an inkling of where to start looking.

It never dawned on me that the library had so many resources.  I walked in and was immediately drawn to the section on new books and magazines, an area which would give me an idea of what was happening in the arts, and which would later prod me into investigating music, drama, writing, photography, and other creative areas.  The older book section had many non-fiction books of interest to me, such as health, meditation, spiritual sciences in which I was interested.  The librarians were all helpful as far as getting the information for me that I needed quickly and efficiently. 

Walking into other areas was like exploring parts of myself that had never been explored, and it was fascinating.  I found a section on civil service examinations for jobs, newspapers with classified ads, books on how to write resumes, and which schools to go to for various careers.  There were books on different careers, and the job availability of these careers in the future.  The computer areas showed me I could access jobs on the internet that were not available anywhere else, and that my job search could take me to various areas of the world other than the United States!   There was even a career counseling course you could take at the library to help you find your direction!

The library had an atmosphere both pleasant and quiet.  It led me away from the outside world and into a refuge of its own, where you could get lost and involve yourself in whatever it was that you wanted.  It offered a world of knowledge, peace and simplicity (even in its complexity), something that everyone longs for in the real world of today.  Although I am still looking for a job, I have found the inspiration there that I was seeking elsewhere.  When I am there, I am at peace with myself.