Sherri from Lake Park, Georgia

I never thought I could fill rich, being able to go online for free and  even getting help to learn how to get online and my own free email address, the library also has a wonderful toddler reading class one day a week so I can sit back and watch the baby meet friends and relax. It has shown me how being poor  does not have to stop you from getting whatever you want in life,

It's been one year and now I have my own computer at home but when I need extra advice on  anything, I know I can find it at the library. And when I need some happy
times  I know where to take the toddler and it doesn't cost a thing witch is wonderful  in this world today, so please if not having a computer is stopping you from  getting a job, writing a resume so you can get a job, and its free to,  or going on line, the library can help with that and all your other family  needs free no hidden fees I love it.