Literary Landmark

Anti-Saloon League Museum at Westerville Public Library

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Built in the 1850s, the former Anti-Saloon League headquarters in Westerville, Ohio was teeming with insects, strewn with water-logged papers and covered in benign neglect. In the peak of its influence, the League had turned a country dry through its printing and lobbying efforts which led to passage of the 18th Amendment.

Next to the building on State Street stood the Westerville Public Library built in 1955 on land given by the Anti-Saloon League. In 1973 one of the last remaining Anti-Saloon Leaguers, who was failing in his attempt to care for the building and its contents, walked into the adjacent library and gave the keys to the historic building to the nearest staff member, thereby beginning the process of gifting the brick structure and the huge collection of anti-alcohol information within to the public library. The League was given the home and the ground it stood on in 1909 by the Westerville Board of Trade to entice the organization to locate its printing headquarters in the small village. So it was fitting that it was given back to the people of Westerville through their public library.