Tracie Walker-Reed

I Love My Librarian Award

Tracie Walker-Reed

Library Media Specialist
H. Grady Spruce High School
Dallas, Texas

“At our school, our unsung hero is Tracie Walker-Reed.”

Tracie Walker-Reed is a champion for literacy, inclusion, and accessibility, developing programs to meet the needs of underserved high school students. In the words of her nominator, “not only has Ms. Walker-Reed been a bridge to literacy, but also, she has unofficially acted as a liaison between educators and the community.”

Instead of closing the library’s doors after school, Tracie keeps them open for an extra hour for peer tutoring. For example, the school’s football team has used the library every Monday for the last four years. During the sessions, she helps tutor the student-athletes and offers study resources for assignments and tests.

Tracie also opens the library to children and their families who live in the neighborhood, so they can borrow books. She doesn’t want a lack of access to reading materials to become a barrier to literacy for the whole community.

Tracie works tirelessly to ensure all students succeed in school. She created the “Study Buddies” program, which is aimed at helping students in lower level reading classes. The program provides tutoring in a safe and encouraging environment where students can develop their skills with confidence.
Tracie‘s efforts to foster a love reading has expanded the library’s collection to include books of different interests, genres, and reading levels. To enourage reluctant readers, she provides students access to digital books as well as print materials. She also ensures the library is filled with diverse books that appeal to young people. Students feel comfortable talking to Tracie and asking for titles because they know she will take the extra time to find books they enjoy.

Read Tracie Walker-Reed’s full nomination (PDF)