Tricia from Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania

The library hasn't so much changed my life as become my life. Having grown up with regular library visits, I always regarded libraries as an information source and a place to enjoy myself as I delved into fairy tales, then later chapter books, then novels. As an adult, I carried a sense of awe at everything that was available to me through my local library, a sense that was greatly magnified with online access to (literally) the world.
As my life changed, my approach to the library changed. A place once reserved mainly for school projects became the center for researching my LIFE. Whether I was looking for information on wedding planning, car buying, potty training, gardening, cooking, vacation planning, or even medical research, I found it at the library. When I took a job with a
long commute, I relied on the library for audio books to keep me company on the road. On weekends, I've checked out movies to watch with my date. I've even borrowed CDs to play while walking or relaxing. And let's not forget the novels! Rarely do I flick off the bedside table without first
finding out what my current book's characters are doing.
Over the past several years, I've settled into an even more comfortable relationship with one of my favorite places, and I turn to it for advice as naturally and reflexively as asking a friend her opinion on a subject. My love of the library was noticed, and I was asked to join Friends of the (Abington Community) Library, for which I now serve as president. In that capacity, I've had the pleasure of informing the staff when we made significant financial donations or voted to allocate materials. And it's always fun to share my enthusiasm with our eager public!
Now that I have children, I'm taking them to the library often - just as my mother did with me -- so they can learn of the magic within its walls. My son, Conal, is two-and-a-half years old and my daughter, Katy, is three months old - and they BOTH have library cards! Using those cards is an experience I wouldn't want them to miss.