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Collections To Be Proud Of: Celebrating LGBTQIA+ Libraries and Archives

You'll find them in community and health centers or inside larger university libraries, in locations across the country or fully online. LGBTQIA+ libraries and archives are relatively few and far between, comprising just a few dozen of the more than 116,000 libraries scattered throughout the United States. But despite their small footprint, the impact of these institutions on the communities they serve is immense. LGBTQIA+ ...
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

Marcel on the Big Screen: A Conversation with Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer Camp

Marcel the one-inch-tall shell became an internet sensation in a 2010 stop-motion animated short by director Dean Fleischer Camp and writer/actress Jenny Slate. Sequels and ...
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On

See Marcel the Shell with Shoes On … For Free!

Marcel the Shell with Shoes On was a YouTube sensation-and now you can catch him on the big screen! Marcel the adorable one-inch-tall shell is ...

US Book Challenges Update

Book challenges and bans are increasing in libraries and schools throughout the United States. To help spread the word about these activities and efforts to ...

Libraries Are Awesome!

When most people think "library" they think books, and while that is certainly true, they're also so much more. Explore all the ways libraries are so great and how you can support them!

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What Libraries Do

From promoting literacy to building community, learn about all the great things libraries do.

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For Book Lovers

Library users are passionate readers, and we've got resources for all varieties of book lovers.

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I Love My Librarian!

Is your librarian a superhero? Show some love and nominate them for the I Love My Librarian Award!

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Get Involved

Help spread the word about the value of the library to neighbors, friends, and decision-makers.

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