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Books, Magic, and Representation: Libraries and Librarians in The Owl House

This is a guest post by Burkely Hermann, the librarian behind Pop Culture Library Review. The Disney Channel young adult animated series, The Owl House, is known for its LGBTQ representation, voice acting, visuals, animation, and writing. Less recognized, however, is the fact that one of the supporting characters, Amity Blight (voiced by Mae Whitman), is …

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Long shot of a stylish living room with floor to ceiling bookcase

Home Is Where the Books Are

Are you book wrapt? Reid Byers, author of The Private Library: The History of the Architecture and Furnishing of the Domestic Bookroom (Oak Knoll Press, 2021), coined the phrase to describe the intense feeling of comfort that a well-stocked personal library can provide—be it a room stacked to the ceiling with shelves of books or a …

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Meet America’s Favorite Librarians

Thousands of library users from across the United States submit nominations for the American Library Association’s I Love My Librarian Award each year—but only 10 nominees can receive this honor. This year’s winners from academic, public, and school libraries are being recognized for their expertise, dedication, and impact on their communities. “Even in these unprecedented times, …

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Illustration of laptop with news site and the words "Fake News"

Fighting Fake News

Fake news has been a problem throughout history. In ancient times, Egyptian pharaohs and Roman emperors would spread lies and propaganda to thwart foes on the battlefield and in the political arena. The invention of the printing press in 1429 allowed for falsehoods to be spread on a wide scale, with newspapers, magazines, and books …

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Two proffessional women in conversation using hand gestures

Meet Your Library’s Social Worker

People turn to libraries for everything, from the latest bestselling novels to access to 3-D printers. And increasingly, people are coming to libraries for help with their most pressing needs. Because many of these challenges—such as access to housing for those experiencing homelessness, among other complex issues—are beyond the scope of what most librarians are …

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