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News and Updates

An adult helps put a face mask on a child

If Your Kids Need Help Coping with the Pandemic, Look to Libraries

COVID-19 has taken an enormous mental toll on people of all ages; even young children are struggling with grief, isolation, and fear during the pandemic. If you’re wondering about the best way to approach challenging conversations with the kids in your life, turn to children’s library professionals for expert guidance and support. As part of […]
Art of the family tree of Louis III, Duke of Württemberg

To Uncover Your Family History, Start at Your Library

Looking to learn more about your family tree? Your local library offers extensive free resources for genealogy experts and hobbyists alike. I Love Libraries spoke with librarian and genealogical researcher June Power, director of special collections and archives for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke; she shares her tips for how anyone can get […]
Models wearing various Banned Books Week clothing items

8 Products for Fighting Censorship in Style

It’s Banned Books Week–the annual celebration of the freedom to read! Books, resources, and programs are still being threatened with censorship in libraries and schools. Thankfully, library workers, educators, and readers are rallying together year-round to protect their communities’ First Amendment rights. Take a stand against censorship with these cool shirts, mugs, and more from the […]
Graphic reading: Censorship is a dead end

Celebrate Banned Books Week by Fighting Censorship

Banned Books Week is here, a time to stand up for everyone’s freedom to read. Librarians, teachers, authors, and more are coming together to push back against censorship-will you join the fight for intellectual freedom? Even in 2020, schools and libraries still face pressure to remove controversial titles from their bookshelves and reading lists. Materials that […]
A stack of books with an apple on top next to a pile of pencils

Librarians Are the MVPs of This Back-To-School Season

September is in full swing, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this back-to-school season is brand new territory: many students are staying home and learning online, while others are spending part of the week on campuses that have transformed to meet safety guidelines. School libraries may not be the busy hubs of activity they are […]
Stills from the show Hilda featuring the Librarian

A Mysterious Librarian is the Breakout Star of Netflix’s “Hilda”

Two years ago, the animated series Hilda premiered on Netflix, and a minor character called “The Librarian” (voiced by Kaisa Hammurlund) quickly became a fan sensation. Although she only appears in about three minutes of the show’s first season, this feisty librarian has been mentioned in 20 fanfiction stories on Archive of Our Own and […]
Photos of the McMillan Memorial Library outdoor escape room

This Outdoor Escape Room Brings the Social-Distanced Fun

Escape rooms in libraries are popular activities for families, providing free, interactive entertainment for people of all ages. But unfortunately, COVID-19 has put in-person library programs on hold. Some librarians have found creative ways to safely continue the fun during the pandemic, like Sydney Krawiec at Peters Township Public Library in Pennsylvania, who created a […]
An adult and two children look at a tablet together and laugh

How Your Family Can Make the Most of Screen Time During the Pandemic

With people everywhere staying home to curb the spread of COVID-19, individuals of all ages are turning to screens for entertainment, information, and socialization. While digital media has been a lifeline during these unprecedented times, parents and caregivers may be wondering what online videos, apps, and games are best for their families. Fortunately, your local […]
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