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10 People Share Why They Love Their Library Cards

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This September, we’re celebrating Library Card Sign-up Month, a yearly reminder of all the ways registering for a library card can change someone’s life for the better.

We asked I Love Libraries readers and the American Library Association’s social media followers to share what they love most about having a library card. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“Access to new and classic books and films is terrific, but best part is access to awesome bright reference librarians who help me whatever inquiry, curiosity, or problem I need to learn more about. They are my first step often when I need to learn more, they are most often, kind, patient, curious, and clever in looking up helpful information. It's true librarians are our friends.”—KD S.

“The best thing about having a library card is the access to online library reference e-sources. I am a teacher and I use Mango Languages to improve my language learning abilities. Through this free resource offered by my library, I am able to communicate better with my students who are learning English.”—Colleen H.

“As someone who never had a library card before I started working for a public library, I cannot believe the power it gives me. Resources and multi-media access to everything, from databases to newly-release audio books, right at my fingertips—and for free! It gives this thrifty bookworm an instant dose of happiness.”—Krista C.

“A library card is like a skeleton key to the whole universe. It unlocks no

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