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Autobots, Roll Out…to the Library!

TRANSFORMERS character Optimus Prime holds up a Cybertron Public Library library card and says "Roll out with a library card."

We all know that libraries are more than meets the eye, and a library card is your key to an arsenal of resources. Just ask Optimus Prime.

The American Library Association (ALA) announced last week it is teaming up with multiplatform entertainment company Skybound Entertainment and toy and game company Hasbro to encourage people everywhere to roll out to their libraries and sign up for a library card with the TRANSFORMERS franchise, featuring new poster and bookmark art from artist Marz Jr.

The campaign is part of Library Card Sign-Up Month, held each September since 1987 to mark the beginning of the school year. During the month, ALA and libraries across the U.S. unite in a national effort to ensure everyone signs up for their own library card.

“We love the energy of the TRANSFORMERS franchise, and we’re excited for this collaboration with Skybound and Hasbro to encourage kids both young and old to roll out to their libraries and get their library cards during Library Card Sign-Up Month in September,” said ALA President Emily Drabinski. “Library cards open worlds of opportunity for Autobots and humans alike. Whether or not your favorite genre is science fiction, library cards spark creativity and inspire critical thinking skills. Join Optimus Prime, who I’m told is a huge library fan, and check out your local library.”

Image of TRANSFORMERS poster and two bookmarks side-by-side.
Posters and bookmarks featuring TRANSFORMERS' Optimus Prime encourage everyone to roll out with a library card. Art: Marz Jr. for the American Library Association.

The partnership coincides with the 40th anniversary of Hasbro’s TRANSFORMERS franchise and the rollout of new comic book and graphic novel collections based on the series from Skybound and Image Comics, which launched an all-new shared Energon Universe between the infamous robots in disguise and G.I. JOE for a new generation. A new graphic novel compendium series collecting the landmark TRANSFORMERS series from Marvel Comics will launch this fall.

Indeed, the TRANSFORMERS franchise has sparked the imaginations of children and teens, and their adult selves years later, for decades. The new collaboration will appeal widely to people of all ages, from those who grew up watching the original TRANSFORMERS cartoons or collecting the toys to new or younger fans and everyone in between. It will also promote the value of libraries and the importance of getting a library card for everyone.

“Libraries are more important than ever to our communities, opening up worlds of knowledge and adventure to all people,” said Arune Singh of Skybound Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to work with ALA to bring Optimus Prime’s message of respect and inclusivity to all sentient beings, whether bots, humans or anyone else who loves to read! There’s no better time to show your support for your local libraries than now.”

While the TRANSFORMERS collaboration is part of Library Card Sign-Up Month, you can get a library card at your library year-round. Roll out to yours and sign up for one today!

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