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I Love My Librarian Award: What Makes a Strong Nomination?

I Love My Librarian Award 2024

It’s finally September, which means summer is waning and fall is approaching. It also means only a few weeks remain to submit your nomination for the 2024 I Love My Librarian Award!

If a librarian has made a difference in your life or gone above and beyond to serve their community, nominating them for the I Love My Librarian Award is the perfect way to thank them. Ten librarians from across the U.S. are honored with the award each year, which also comes with a $5,000 cash prize.

While ten librarians will be awarded, more than 1,000 nominations are received for the award every year, so submitting a strong nomination is key to making your librarian stand out among the crowd. Here are a few tips for making your nomination the best it can be and giving your librarian their best shot at receiving the award.

Include stories, facts, and examples

The strongest nominations provide specific, compelling evidence that shows why a librarian deserves the award. For example, if your librarian is welcoming, show don’t tell! Highlight a story where they went out of their way to make a community member feel comfortable using the library or created a new inclusive program.

Statistics are always helpful too, such as increased circulation or library visits, program attendance, or other figures that show the concrete impact of the librarian’s work. The more details, the better!

Focus on "above and beyond"

A librarian’s everyday job typically includes recommending books, organizing programs, and/or answering reference questions, so it’s helpful to focus on how your librarian exceeds expectations. How do they go above and beyond the normal call of duty?

Include a variety of perspectives

Quotes or testimonials from additional members of the librarian’s community are a great way to show how wide their impact is. If you’re nominating a school or college/university librarian, consider incorporating perspectives from students, instructors, fellow library staff, and administrators; for a public librarian, it could be helpful to hear from library patrons, fellow library staff, local officials, and partner organizations.

Need some more ideas? Check out last year’s inspiring honorees to see what made them stand out. For more tips, as well as eligibility criteria and answers to frequently asked questions, check out the award nomination guidelines. And don’t forget to spread the word in your community to nominate a librarian you love!

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