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Justice Smith: Catch ‘em all at your library!

“Pokémon Detective Pikachu” star Justice Smith highlights the opportunities for magic and adventure at your local library. Libraries offer books, games, and technology that transform lives and communities.

Library professionals, please visit the American Library Association website to download and share the PSA.

Learn more about how libraries benefit communities

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Visit your library in person or online

One of the best ways to support libraries is to start locally: visit your nearest library or check out their website and sign up for a library card if you haven’t already. Want your support to go even further? Ask your library staff about volunteer opportunities or joining a Friends of the Library group.

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Here are some sample posts you can use to spread the word about the PSAs:

Facebook: @detectivepikachumovie star Justice Smith has a message for aspiring Pokémon trainers: catch your next adventure at the library! #LibrariesTransform

Twitter: No mystery here—libraries are the perfect place to find free books, games, movies, and more. Shout out to #DetectivePikachu star Justice Smith (@standup4justice) for spreading the word about the power of libraries. #LibrariesTransform

Instagram: Catch ‘em all at the library! #DetectivePikachu star Justice Smith (@standup4justice) shares how #Pokemon lovers can find free books, games, and more at their library. #LibrariesTransform

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