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People Share Their Favorite Library Lifehacks

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Libraries are filled with information, ideas, and resources; are you making the most of what your library has to offer? We asked readers to share their top tips for finding the best library materials and programs—here are a few of our favorites:

Find Awesome Events

“Every library has a schedule of events and happenings. Take a look at the Calendar of Events to see what is going on that might appeal to you. Our library offers free educational classes on a wide variety of subjects, book signings with local authors, free escape rooms (vs. the ones that charge $20-$30/person available elsewhere in town), and more.”—Donna F.

Access E-Resources from Your Alma Mater

“After graduating from a college/university, you may still have access to free electronic resources from the library! Check with your alma mater’s library or alumni association to see what’s available.”—Lindsey S.

Check Out Museum Passes

“Our local library has museum passes to many local attractions (museums, etc.) If you plan ahead, it’s definitely cost saving for admission.”—Aya A.

Up Your Audiobook Game

“I can access thousands (seriously!) of audiobooks through the services offered by my public library…. And when you find a narrator or more who you love to listen to (I’m talking about you, Davina Porter, John Rafter Lee, Jim Dale), you can be sure to find more audiobooks narrated by them. The apps are easy to use too, but if you do need help there will be a librarian able to help you out.”—Reegan B.

Save Money on Textbooks

“Check textbooks out from the local public library! I was a history major and I always had to do lots of reading. I never bought books because I would always find them at the Austin Public Library.”—Brittany B.

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