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5 Reasons Everyone Should Have a Library Card

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September is Library Card Sign-up Month—do you have a library card yet? If not, it’s never too late to sign up: people of all ages can benefit from the free resources, media, and programs available at their library.

While many libraries are still closed to the public due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you may still be able to register for a library card online. Then, you can access all kinds of free entertainment and information from the comfort of your home, all while safely maintain social distancing.

Here are a few of the coolest things about having a library card:

Free books galore

From mysteries and graphic novels to cookbooks and biographies, your library has something for readers of all ages and interests. The best part? In addition to physical copies, libraries offer instant online access to free ebooks and audiobooks, which you can download from home with the push of a button.

Movies, music, magazines, and more

Library card holders can check out way more than just books: many libraries also offer free access to streaming video and music as well as online versions of your favorite magazines and newspapers. These resources are great for staying entertained and can save you big money on media subscription fees.

Access to databases and courses

Libraries also offer extensive electronic resources for students, small business owners, job seekers, hobbyists, and lifelong learners. Whether you’re looking for free software to pick up a new language, coding tutorials to boost your resume, or patent records to develop a new invention, your library has free access to amazing databases and classes online.

Big savings on museums and cultural attractions

Some libraries also loan out free or discounted passes to local museums, National Parks, performance venues, and other cultural attractions. While you may not be able to spend time at a planetarium or art gallery during the pandemic, be sure to check out what opportunities are available from your library later on.

Supporting access to information for all

Libraries are among our country’s most democratic institutions, promoting free and open access to information for everyone. Registering for a library card is one of the easiest ways to support this mission, since libraries use their sign-up stats to prove their value to local policymakers and advocate for much-needed funding. When you sign up for a library card, you’re helping demonstrate that today’s libraries are more important than ever.

Visit the Library Card Sign-up Month website for ideas about how to get involved all September long.

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