President Barack Obama calls libraries “citadels of knowledge and empathy”

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If you love libraries (and we’re assuming you do because that’s the name of this website!), you are in great company.

This week, former President Barack Obama spoke to the American Library Association about his recent book A Promised Land. He also had a few things to say about libraries and librarians. Spoiler alert: he’s a fan.

Here's what he had to say: "I do believe that libraries are citadels of knowledge and empathy, and they’ve been extraordinarily important in my life. And I want to thank all the librarians out there, whether you’re in a small town, big city, you opening up the world for our children, giving them access to possibilities that they might not otherwise have, creating safe spaces where reading is cool, you mean a lot to not just those individuals who benefit from your work, but you mean a lot to our democracy and our country. We appreciate you. Keep it up."

Check out the video:


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