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‘How I Library’ Episode Five: Ethan and Maya Hawke

Ethan and Maya Hawke on the set of Wildcat

In episode five of “How I Library,” I Love Libraries editor and show host Phil Morehart speaks with Ethan and Maya Hawke about “Wildcat,” their new film about author Flannery O’Connor.

Directed by Ethan Hawke and starring his daughter, Maya, in the lead, ”Wildcat” is a snapshot in the life of O’Connor, following the writer in her early twenties when she left New York City and returned home to Milledgeville, Georgia, after being diagnosed with lupus. It was a return that would forever shape her life, her writing, her faith, and more. The film intersperses depictions of O’Connor’s life with dramatizations of her writings, with Maya Hawke taking on multiple roles as she plays characters from O’Connor’s work.

Morehart speaks with the Hawkes about bringing O’Connor to the big screen, as well as their thoughts on book bans and censorship, their book recommendations, and, of course, how they library.

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