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Supporting Ukraine

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Today is the Independence Day of Ukraine. But despite the celebration, Russia’s invasion of the country persists, entering its sixth month this week. The war has affected people globally, including American librarians and their work. The latest episode of the Call Number with American Libraries podcast looks at how the library profession is supporting Ukraine.

First, Call Number host Diana Panuncial speaks with Kristin Parker, lead curator and manager of the arts at Boston Public Library, who is part of a network of first responders working to preserve Ukraine’s cultural history and provide preservation advice to library workers on the ground.

Next, American Libraries Editor and Publisher Sanhita SinhaRoy speaks with Michael Dowling, director of the American Library Association’s (ALA) International and Chapter Relations Office, about ALA’s Ukraine Library Relief Fund and how donations are being used.

Finally, Panuncial talks to Millicent Mabi, director of community engagement and programming at Regina Public Library (RPL) in Saskatchewan, about how RPL is helping Ukrainian refugees—from teaching them English to improving their literacy to connecting them with community resources.

How to help

Library and book lovers who want to help the Ukrainian library community are encouraged to donate to the ALA Ukraine Library Relief Fund. Established by ALA in collaboration with the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA), the fund will gather donations for the Ukrainian library community as they face the challenges of war.

Funds raised by the ALA Ukraine Library Relief Fund will help purchase computers, software, and other resources. Donations will also help support immediate repair needs such as glazing windows and fixing roofs damaged by bombing to keep libraries open. ULA will provide small amounts of support for librarians and library workers who are in harm’s way, wounded, or displaced and need of financial assistance. Donations to the ALA Ukraine Library Relief Fund can be made directly via credit card or by check made out to the American Library Association with a notation that it is for Ukraine. ALA will send donations to ULA once a month.

Photo by Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash.

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