Librarians Help Make Stem Learning Fun


87% of STEM students say poor teaching is a key concern in their field, but school librarians can help turn things around with student-centered activities and resources.

* Makerspaces give students a chance to explore, as do educational games—71% of teachers who use digital games in the classroom say their students’ mathematics learning has improved. **

Learn more about why school libraries are essential and how you can advocate for them in your community.

Because today’s gamer could be tomorrow’s inventor. Libraries Transform

* Christe, Daniel, Bhatt, Jay and Kontsos, Antonios. “There’s an App For That,” Issues in Science and Technology Librarianship, Fall 2016. Available at:

** Takeuchi, Lori M. and Vaala, Sarah. “Level Up Learning: A National Survey of Teaching with Digital Games,” October 2014. Available at:

Because today’s gamer could be tomorrow’s inventor. Libraries Transform

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