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As many Americans reflect on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship on Citizenship Day and Constitution Day, September 17, American Libraries takes a look at the role public libraries have had in the lives of immigrants seeking information, referrals, or a pathway to citizenship.

Libraries across the country have long provided programming and resources to immigrants, including citizenship workshops, English-language classes, interview simulation, and government-issued educational materials to help them prepare for naturalization. But today, a few libraries are going beyond the scope of traditional services, taking advantage of a unique provision under federal law...


By Renatta Signorini, courtesy of TribLive

Warden John Walton had a problem.

He was fielding complaints about a new video visitation program for inmates at the Westmoreland County jail that cut back on in-person visits. And fewer people than he anticipated were ponying up $15 to chat via video, money that was expected to pay for the $95,000 computer program.

Then he had what he belived was a novel idea.  Why not utilize computers at the county's libraries for inmates' families and friends to have video visits with them?...


By Kristin Pekoll, assistant director at ALA's Office for Intellectual Freeodom

It’s called a “challenge” for a reason.

I’ve never met a librarian who wishes their books would be censored or who invite complaints about their work. I think that’s one of the reasons going through a book challenge is hard on librarians. People decide to become librarians because it is a passion. It’s not just a career. It’s a mission. They take it personally when the critics throw around words like “obscenity” and “child pornography.”

Librarians invest time, energy, and enthusiasm into providing resources for readers. Then out of the blue, there’s a call, an email, or a letter left in the book drop, explaining how poorly they are doing their job....


The importance of Jessica Holmes to her school, Westridge Elementary School, Frankfort, Kentucky, was dramatically underscored when she was selected as Teacher of the Year at her school.

As Joe Lovell, her nominator for the 2014 I Love My Librarian Award, pointed out, “It’s not every day that a school librarian is selected by her colleagues as Teacher of the Year at her school.”

And, he added, “It’s not every day that a school librarian is chosen to be featured in a state-wide publication (Kentucky Educational Television Visions magazine) because of the positive impact she is having on student learning in her building. It’s not every day that a school librarian gets asked to represent her profession by hosting principals from area...

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