by Sarah Runge & Rosalynne Scheinost

In York, Nebraska, a town of almost eight thousand residents, a staple of the community is the Kilgore Memorial Library.  York’s library provides abundant and fruitful programs to an active community.  Dedicated and passionate staff welcome visitors of all ages and from all walks-of-life with smiles and warm greetings.

2018 brought about drastic change within the community of York.  Due to a severe budget deficit, the library lost significant financial funding. This brought about a burning passion and drive within the community to take action in effort to ensure the livelihood of this beloved library.

Initial efforts began prior to the finalization of the city budget....


by Julie Wurth, courtesy of The News-Gazette

The University of Illinois Library has long been a point of pride for the campus, ranked among the best in the world for its vast collection and top-ranked academic programs.

Now the library is embarking on a $54 million modernization plan that would demolish its older "stacks," build a new interdisciplinary liberal arts center in their place, move services for undergraduate students into the Main Library and turn the current Undergraduate Library into a home for the University Archives and other special collections.

To University Librarian John Wilkin and other...


by Andrew Price and Kai R. McNamee, courtesy of The Harvard Crimson

The Edison and Newman Room, Houghton Library’s main exhibition space, usually resembles a 17th-century sitting room — the walls are robin-egg blue, gold chandeliers hang from the high ceilings, and a framed portrait of a regal-looking man sits above a fireplace. But for Rachel Howarth’s goodbye party in December 2015, the room was adorned with donkey piñatas and holiday decorations. And among the festivities were six librarians who, in their white button-down shirts and black bowties, could be easily confused for waiters. But that night, they were neither waiters nor librarians — they were The...


Courtesy of the American Library Association's Office for Literacy and Outreach Services

Libraries are often the first place new Americans turn to for support, whether to learn English, connect with community services, or to learn about American culture while celebrating their own heritage. American Dream libraries are the new community centers for English language learners, offering not only language instruction but also camaraderie and civic engagement through clubs, events, and services.

The Terrebonne Parish Library System was already offering English language programs when it received its American Dream grant in 2017, but the library wanted to find new ways to connect with the Hispanic population of their “little bayou town” in...


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