by Burkely Hermann

When people think about librarians and libraries, they may point to films, live-action TV shows, or even novels. However, one area is often missed: animation. In Hollywood, stereotypes are plentiful, as librarians are used as “shortcuts to propel the plot forward,” in the...


The internet is falling in love with Curbside Larry, the cowboy-hat–wearing, ultra-enthusiastic hype man for Texas’s Harris County Public Library (HCPL). In a viral promotional video from HCPL’s Barbara Bush Branch Library, Larry shares an irresistible pitch for using the branch’s curbside pickup services.

“We got shelves and shelves of books, Blu-rays, and DVDs, and we‘d like nothing better than to take care of all your reading, research, and entertainment needs,” Larry exclaims in the video. “What’s all this cost? Just three low payments of zero, zero, zero dollars! It’s crazy how much you get for free.”

Curbside Larry is the alter ego of library staffer John Schaffer, who’s won fans far beyond the HCPL service area with his spot-...


Conference calls getting stale? It might be time to mix things up with a new webcam backdrop.

The Library of Congress digital collections contain countless options, offering a vast variety of historical images that are free to download and use. Just save your favorites and turn on Zoom’s Virtual Background feature to add some old-school flair to your meeting.

To get you started, here are ten of our favorite archival photographs,...


The coronavirus pandemic has been particularly hard on seniors, who face an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and are often socially isolated as a result. Libraries, which have always played a crucial role in supporting older adults in their communities, have risen to the occasion: they’ve been providing information and human connection to the elderly while maintaining social distancing.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, libraries have offered virtual book clubs and...

Screenshot: Stacey Abrams video, Libraries champion access an opportunity for all.
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