by Don Sergent, courtesy of Bowling Green Daily News

It’s hard to say where in the Dewey Decimal System the story of the Warren County Public Library’s (KY) recent history would fall.  Maybe the public finance section, where a narrative about how forming a local taxing district has allowed the library to improve its financial position.

Or perhaps it belongs in the political science section alongside examples of how local governments respond to demands from constituents.

No doubt, Lisa Rice...


by Mitch Shaw, courtesy of Standard-Examiner

The sesquicentennial of the driving of the Golden Spike is still more than four months out, but folks from the Utah State University library are getting a jumpstart on the momentous anniversary.

Staffers from USU’s Merrill-Cazier Library and the Utah Division of State History will soon open a new transcontinental railroad exhibit on the fourth floor of the Utah State Capitol building in Salt lake City.

Titled, “A World Transformed: The Transcontinental Railroad and Utah,” the exhibit opened this month and...


by Kate Day Sager, courtesy of Olean Times Herald

Those who want to give their eyes a rest from printed material in books, or the screens of a computer, can gaze upon the soft, blue glow of a new aquarium at the Olean Public Library (PA) on North Second Street.

Sheryl Soborowski, outreach librarian, said aquariums have been a part of the library the past 20 to 25 years, with the most recent ones in need of replacement.  “It’s a brand new fish tank that Olean Coral Reef just purchased and gave it to us for cost,” Soborowski said of the North Union Street...


Library director
Western Piedmont Community College Library
Morganton, North Carolina

Nancy’s dedication and compassion are felt all over campus

Nancy has broadened the college library’s reach and impact on students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.

Her talent for teaching makes her an invaluable partner in the academic learning process. Through her fun and engaging orientations and classes, she teaches students how to find accurate and reliable data and write citations for papers. She assists faculty and staff by ensuring new resources with the latest research and teaching strategies are available to be used in classrooms.

Nancy’s nominator stated, “She evokes...


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