As director of the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, Janet Eldred has overseen major projects like building renovation and smaller daily tasks like working tirelessly with her team, lugging books, and sitting cheerfully at library booths through rainy festivals.

But the challenge she now faces with remarkable dignity and grace is a medical one.

In 2012, Eldred was diagnosed with early-stage dementia. Since then, she has not only experienced increasingly impaired cognitive function, but she has also developed neurological complications, including occasional seizures and bouts of syncope (loss of consciousness).

In 2019, in a...


Approximately 42 percent of youths under 17 in Erie County, New York have Buffalo & Erie County Public Library cards. But nearly a quarter of that total, 18,000 youth, have fines or other suspensions on their cards that prevent them from accessing library resources.

The question was: how to get these library card holders back in good standing while also promoting the value of library cards more broadly?

Under the guidance of Director Mary Jean Jakubowski, the library and its partners designed a sports equipment lending and library card amnesty program called “Play Down Your Fines.” Piloted at the Isaías González-Soto Branch Library,...


Miriam Tuliao didn’t learn how to swim until she was in her 40s. But now she’s an open-water masters swimmer—and she’s using her time in the water to support causes important to her and to honor individuals who have made positive contributions to the library world.

This month, Tuliao will swim Grimaldo's Mile, a one mile open water event in New York City, on July 31 to raise funds for the American Library Association’s Spectrum Scholarship Program, which actively recruits and provides...


If you love libraries (and we’re assuming you do because that’s the name of this website!), you are in great company.

This week, former President Barack Obama spoke to the American Library Association about his recent book A Promised Land. He also had a few things to say about libraries and librarians. Spoiler alert: he’s a fan.

Here's what he had to say: "I do believe that libraries are citadels of knowledge and empathy, and they’ve been extraordinarily important in my life. And I want to thank all the librarians out there, whether you’re in a small town, big city, you opening up the world for our children, giving them access to possibilities that they might not otherwise have, creating safe spaces where...

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