In a new promotional video from the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS), actor Nick Offerman stars as the Wizard of the World Wide Web, convening an emergency meeting of the “elders of the internet.”

In the video, avatars representing pop-up ads, social media, and other fixtures of online life have assembled at a “secret internet headquarters” to discuss a grave matter: humans have realized that libraries are even more powerful than the web.

Offerman explains: “Libraries have real people. They get to know you and offer reading recommendations more personalized than any algorithm. They can even tell the difference between...


Books, movies, and games aren’t the only items on loan at the Berkeley Public Library (BPL)—since 1979, the system has also supplied local residents with all manner of tools.

At Berkeley’s Tool Lending Library, any city resident or property owner over 18 can check out thousands of free tools, ranging from hammers and wrenches to weedwhackers and cement mixers. Based on community feedback, BPL has recently expanded their offerings to include smartphone repair kits and a 24-hour bike fixing station; next up, they’ll add kitchen gadgets and cooking supplies to their repertoire.

The Tool Lending Library goes beyond lending out free materials: it’s also a...


If you stop by your library on a monthly basis, you’re in good company! A new Gallup poll shows that the average American visits the library ten times a year—more than they go to movie theaters, live sporting events, concerts, or museums.

The study found that libraries are especially popular among younger adults aged 18 to 29, who averaged 15.5 library visits in 2019. And for low-income Americans, the library was nearly three times as popular as any other cultural activity included in Gallup’s survey.

For many of us, these numbers are no surprise—today’s libraries have something for everyone. Here are a few reasons to join the millions of Americans who are regulars at their local library:

  • Libraries offer a vast...

Valentine’s Day is almost here—and what better way to celebrate than by spreading your love of libraries?

Whether your feelings are romantic or platonic, surprise the bibliophile or librarian in your life with one of these library-themed Valentines. Feel free to share on social media or print them out to share with your loved ones in person.

Plus, if you’re really feeling the library love: donate to the American Library Association, which supports our nation’s libraries and library workers in providing access to information for all.



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