by Rose Lundy, courtesy of The Daily News

Adriane Savelli of Vancouver wants to make her new succulent shop thrive. Eliseo Paz of Clackamas wants to cultivate clients for his landscaping business. And Dave Lambert of Rainier wants to branch out into new financial planning markets.

On Saturday, these aspiring entrepreneurs attended a free seminar at the Longview Library (WA) about how to create business plans, identify markets and promote products. The volunteer-led seminar was one of about 10 that Vancouver-based...



Veterans Day marks the centennial of the end of hostilities in World War I, and libraries across the US are commemorating this anniversary through programming, events, and displays that highlight the impact that the Great War had on the service members who fought, the family members who remained at home, and society as a whole.

For some of these libraries, the WWI centennial provides more than an opportunity to remember an important historical moment. It also offers a chance to consider how the effects of...


by Haley Cawthon, courtesy of Daily Herald

"I am in the shade, under a tree, on the side of a mountain, above a rippling brook, overlooking the town, in sight of three thousand troops, writing on the head of a drum. My health is good, so are the boys - we are all in fine spirits."

Civil War Gen. Thomas J. Harrison of Howard County was quite descriptive, and at times, poetic, when writing to his wife. In a letter dated June 17, 1861, Harrison wrote to his wife from Kentucky:  "Were it not for being absent from you and the children I should be very happy - the life is an active and exciting one and you know with what energy I...


Stone Child College Library
Box Elder, Montana

Joy’s devotion to her community shines through her work

Bridwell-Joy-headshot300.jJoy’s devotion to her community shines through her work

Joy is commended for engaging students, many of whom may not be familiar with library resources and services. She also works to continually extend the role of the library to...


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Beattie, Ann (author).
June 2017. 224p. Scribner, hardcover, $25 (9781501111389).
REVIEW. First published May 15, 2017 (Booklist). Accomplished short story writer Beattie (
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