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10 People Share What Their Libraries Mean to Them

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All throughout National Library Week, readers, learners, and educators have been reflecting on the countless ways libraries support their communities.

The American Library Association’s #MyLibraryIs campaign invited social media users to share why they love their libraries. Here are a few of our favorite responses:

“My library is the core of our city! The amenities available help citizens get jobs, pay taxes, build bonds of community, share knowledge and ideas, invent, build, create, plant, feed, understand, learn, grow, and more! Our city wouldn’t be the same without our library!”—@AlysonGerwe

“Some of my best memories as a kid took place at the Meade County Public Library. I was just telling my hubby today about Summer Reading Pizza Parties. I hope that my toddler grows up to love libraries too! I'm taking him to the library tomorrow!”—@TheGreatKaysby

“My library is the heart of the school. Our librarian’s passion for reading is evident in every corner of our library.”—@SCastillo_DWS

“Sacramento Public Library is my source for new and favorite old books, movies for my kids, great online learning resources, and an all-around great community center. Support your local library!”—@Choonghagen

“My library is a great place to find new book releases! I have so much fun browsing and our librarians are the best!”—@TonyaDEllis

“My library is currently my adventure, my meeting place, and my solace. At my high-school library, it was my refuge where I could sort of unwind, and also casually talk to the librarian who became one of my close friends.”—@PenPartlow

“My library is a place of safety. A place where I can be myself, and read for pleasure. My library is vital, a place that inspires me; a place that pushes me to be better. My library is necessary, a place where the community gathers and shares ideas.”—@JSalinas_DWS

“My library is making a difference by allowing my 9-year-old son a way to still enjoy reading while he is away from school by making audiobooks available for him.”—@TonyaAtki

“My library is the most beautiful building in my area. Looking forward to getting back in soon. Rooftop is fantastic! I studied there for months to get my Project Management Professional certification in 2018 and have been picking up books there at the front desk during the pandemic. The staff is awesome!”—@judycohall

“My library is a place where we come together to learn, access information and knowledge. My library is my safe haven!”—@DW_K8S

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