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5 Awesome Library Resources—All Accessible from Home

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As the coronavirus known as COVID-19 continues to spread, more and more people are staying home from work, school, and social events. If you’re hoping to stay occupied, your local library has a vast selection of free entertainment and educational materials, all accessible from the comfort of your computer or smart phone. Here are some of our favorite electronic resources to access virtually from the library:


Whether you prefer reading on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, your library has thousands of eBooks you can download with the push of a button. In addition to a wide array of novels and nonfiction offerings, libraries also provide digital versions of cookbooks and DIY guides, which you can use to learn a new hobby or add variety to your meal plan.


If you find yourself needing a break from screens during your time at home, audiobooks are great for getting free, on-demand entertainment from your library. Pro tip: once you find a narrator you love, do a search for more books they’ve read aloud and download those too.


Once you’ve exhausted all the options on your favorite video platform, check to see if your library has a subscription to a streaming service. Whether you’re looking for an enlightening documentary, stress-relieving comedy, or just something to keep the kids busy, your library may have free options available online.

Newspapers and Magazines

Keeping up with the latest news on social media can be overwhelming, and the information shared in your feed may not always be accurate or reliable—check out what news publications are available online through your library to make sure you’re getting the facts.

Tutorials and Courses

While many in-person classes have been canceled, you can still brush up your skills at home thanks to your local library. Many libraries have electronic learning resources for subjects including technology, languages, science, and design; visit your library’s website to see what’s available.

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