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Americans Go to Libraries More Than Movie Theaters, Concerts, or Museums

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If you stop by your library on a monthly basis, you’re in good company! A new Gallup poll shows that the average American visits the library ten times a year—more than they go to movie theaters, live sporting events, concerts, or museums.

The study found that libraries are especially popular among younger adults aged 18 to 29, who averaged 15.5 library visits in 2019. And for low-income Americans, the library was nearly three times as popular as any other cultural activity included in Gallup’s survey.

For many of us, these numbers are no surprise—today’s libraries have something for everyone. Here are a few reasons to join the millions of Americans who are regulars at their local library:

  • Libraries offer a vast array of technology. Libraries provide much-needed access to key digital services like WiFi, computers, and printing, as well as more high-tech resources like laser cutters and 3D printers. And if you’re looking to pick up some new technical skills, your library likely has free classes that can help.
  • Libraries welcome the whole family. Kids, teens, and caregivers can all find fun and educational activities at the library. Parents of little ones can boost early literacy and social skills at playgroups and storytimes, while teenagers can take advantage of makerspaces, YA book clubs, and homework help.
  • Libraries are still the #1 place to find books and media. You can find countless books, movies, games, and more at your local library, all available at no charge. And if you’re not sure what to check out first, librarians are here to help: they’ve got expert recommendations for all tastes and age levels.

You can see the rest of the poll’s findings at the Gallup website. And to hear more about the incredible services available at libraries, subscribe to the I Love Libraries newsletter.             

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