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Save Big at Your Library

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‘Tis the season for Cyber Monday and holiday shopping promotions everywhere. But amid all the ads for once-a-year sales, don’t forget that your local library offers the biggest savings of all.

A library card is far more powerful than any coupon code: Every day, your library can save you tons of money on entertainment, education, and more. Here are some of the best values you can get from your library.

All kinds of books

Readers can save big by checking out free books from their libraries’ collections, which include titles for people of all ages and interests. In addition to physical books, libraries lend out ebooks and audiobooks, which you can download instantly at home or on-the-go. Plus, your librarian is an excellent source of personalized reading recommendations if you’re wondering what book to try next.

Newspapers and magazines

Libraries offer free access to countless newspapers, magazines, and other publications. These resources are great for staying on top of the latest news without breaking the bank. Convenient digital access lets you read your favorite publications on your phone, computer, or tablet.

Streaming movies

Did you know many public libraries offer free access to streaming services? Check out your library’s website to see what films are available for free for your next family movie night—your library card could help you save big on pricey streaming subscriptions.

Audio and video production studios

Are you and aspiring filmmaker, podcaster, or musician? Or maybe a pro who wants to edit footage or demo some new tunes? Your library just might have audio and video production studios that you can use to learn the ropes or work on a new project. For free!

Classes and training

From cooking and arts and crafts to tech skills and career preparedness, libraries host a wide variety of free workshops and trainings, both in-person and online. Visit your library’s website to see what’s available.

The library of things

Need to borrow some gardening equipment, a router for internet access, a cassette-to-mp3 converter, a jewelry-making kit, a mobile hotspot, a sewing machine, an e-reader, board game, ukulele? Your library may have it! Libraries today offer so much to make our lives easier. Visit your local library to see what they have available.

Cultural experiences

Many libraries also offer passes for free or discounted admission to museums, performances, national parks, and more. Check your library’s website to see what savings are available for these entertaining and educational cultural experiences.

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