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Teen Who Walked 3 Miles to Library Every Day Gets Accepted To 12 Colleges

Screenshot of news broadcast featuring Ohio teen Lashawn Samuel

We all know libraries can transform lives, but few stories illustrate that as beautifully this. For years, Ohio teen Lashawn Samuel walked three miles round-trip to the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML) to do his homework. Thanks to his perseverance, he was recently accepted to 12 colleges and universities, including a full scholarship to his top choice, Ohio State University; Samuel will be the first in his family to go to college.

Amid intense challenges over the years—including health issues, food insecurity, and losing a friend to gang violence—Samuel remained steadfast in his commitment to his education. After school, Samuel would walk to the library’s homework help center and work until closing time.

Samuel credits his community with helping him achieve his dreams of attending college. “I never would have achieved it without God, my family, my friends and this environment I have around me,” he told WJBF.

“During a time like this, when we are all facing such uncertainty, I think Lashawn’s story can really teach us,” Kelly Young, homework help associate at CML, told WJBF. “Using the resources that are around us in our community and depending on each other, that’s just the way that we can all get through this pandemic and all the uncertainty of what lies ahead.”  

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